Which speech sounds are the easiest?

Although children do develop at different rates and sequences, some sounds are easier to produce and are usually mastered at earlier ages. Speech sounds are learned in a somewhat predictable sequence. The sounds labial (lip) sounds, p, b, and m, are probably the easiest. N, t, and d are also easy sounds that most children master very early. Think of a child’s first words….mama, dada, ball (without the “l”). Other early words often have these sounds substituted for more difficult sounds: “tat” for “cat,” or “du” for “juice.”


By age 3, most children have mastered m, p, b, and n. By 3 1/2, they are also correctly producing t, d, k, g, w, y, and ng in their speech. To see more detailed information on speech and language development at various ages, visit these links:


Articulation Sounds Chart


Speech and Language Development Chart


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