Super Star Ch, J, and Th

Super Star Ch, J, and Th will aid you in teaching your child to correctly pronounce the Ch, J, and Th sounds. This manual can stand alone for a child with one or two speech sound errors or can be used as a supplement to Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple, providing additional pictures and activities. The manual includes specific tips for teaching the Ch, J, and Th sounds at home as well as picture cards, worksheets and games specifically designed for the practice of Ch, J, and Th. All games and activities are unique to this volume.

  •  Specific instructions and tips for teaching Ch, J, and Th.
  • 72 picture cards 
  •  Games and activities for enjoyable practice and drill
  •  Reproducible lesson plan forms
  •  62 Pages
  •  PDF version ($5.95) will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.




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