practicing speech skills

Whether your child is in formal speech therapy, or whether you are working with him or her on your own, consistent practice is very important. But don't worry--you don't necessarily need to carve out large blocks of time to work on articulation skills. A few minutes each day will likely provide better results than less frequent, lengthy practice sessions. Here are some suggestions for ways you can incorporate speech practice into your day, a few minutes at a time.

1. If you homeschool, add speech practice into your daily schedule. Consider that 10-15 minutes to be as important as math or science. If your child is in traditional school, add a few minutes of speech practice to homework time each night.

2. Have your child repeat 10 of his practice words as you sit down to each meal.

3. Play a board game. Have your child say one of his words 3 times before he takes each turn.

4. Read an alphabet book. Emphasize the sounds your child has trouble with and encourage him to repeat.

5. Keep a practice page in the car to work on while driving around town. Use those otherwise wasted minutes!

6. Hop across the room, saying a word or sound on each hop.

7. Read a list of your child’s target words, mispronouncing some of them. See if he can identify your mistakes.

8. Praise your child’s progress! Be encouraging, and stop before he gets frustrated.

9. If you are using the Super Star Speech materials, follow a drill session with a game. End on a fun note!


Keep sessions frequent, but brief. Think of ways to make practice fun. You will be pleased at the progress your child will make!



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